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Cam Bradford Homes:

Quality Beyond Construction

Sawyer Sound


In a waterfront community as desirable as Sawyer Sound, you can rest assured that every detail of its construction has been completed with the utmost care and attention. Sawyer Sound's home builder, Cam Bradford Homes, goes above and beyond quality home construction, engineering stronger and more durable homes and working closely with you to craft your one-of-a-kind residential masterpiece.

It Starts with a Stronger Foundation

Every home relies on a strong foundation for it to last for generations. Cam Bradford Homes focuses on crafting homes with a stronger and longer-lasting foundation, using a variety of quality construction methods — stronger stem wall foundations, reinforced concrete block walls, and thicker exterior wall frames — to ensure that you can enjoy your home in Sawyer Sound for years to come.

Stronger Supportive Structures

Cam Bradford Homes goes a step beyond a stronger foundation, installing stronger support systems for a true high-quality home. Their meticulous choices of roof trusses, interior wall studs, doors, and trim work together to create stronger supportive structures in your new home. 

More Durable Utility Systems  

A quieter HVAC system, traditional plumbing system, and self-sealing roof tile are more efficient and more durable, complementing your home's high-quality construction with longer-lasting interior utility systems.

Surpassing the Standards of Quality

A high-quality home is more than the sum of its construction materials. A high-quality home has been expertly crafted to your satisfaction. Cam Bradford Homes rises above and beyond the standard job of a home builder, attentively listening and working closely with you to create your dream home on the Windermere waterfront.

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