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At Waypoint Real Estate Group, Inc., we couldn’t agree more.

“That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” –Steve Jobs

Our goal is to take the complexity of buying or selling real estate and make it simple – even enjoyable – for you. And we do it…well, simply.
Even when the market conditions aren’t ideal.
Even when financing seems like a lofty goal.
Even when you are losing hope.

We start with you.  We begin by forging a relationship. The more we get to know you, the better we can serve you. Serve you. Not “help” you, not “work with” you, but serve you. This is the heart of Waypoint Real Estate Group, Inc. And not so coincidentally, it is with a servant’s heart that we derive the greatest sense of purpose in what we do.

We get results. Good ones. Great ones, in fact. Not with simple concepts made complex. Instead, we keep our processes simple…but we remain true to them. We execute them flawlessly. We work each step of the process relentlessly. We tire ourselves doing it right the first time. We delight in serving you.

Here’s a (simplified) glance at our approach to helping you buy or sell:

Identify Needs
•    What’s driving you to sell?
•    What is your timeline?

Determine Price
•    What are the market trends and recent “solds”?
•    What are the individual attributes of your home/property?

Prepare Property
•    Recommend repairs & improvements (while also providing service providers to do the work)
•    Assist with staging strategies (so the buyer picks your home)

•    We tell the world your property is for sale.

•    Update you on all efforts and activity as they happen
•    Promptly return all calls and emails

Offers & Negotiation
•    Serve as your thinking partner
•    Evaluate offers
•    Firmly negotiate counteroffers

•    That is what you hired us to do, right?

Prepare to Close
•    Manage the innumerable details to take the accepted contract to close

•    Walk alongside you through the process

After the Close
•    Assist with coordinating your move
•    Interview Realtors for you if moving to a new city

•    Keep in touch. We want to hear how you are and be there for you or your friends should you ever need any other real estate assistance.

Identify Needs
•    Your wants and needs?
•    Your vision of an ideal purchase?
•    Your timeline?

•    We work with outstanding professionals who mirror our business practices
•    Assist with pre-qualification & pre-approval
•    Find most competitive rates
•    Create an overall financing plan
•    Our preferred lender partners work to provide the pre-qual / pre-approval to get the most competitive rates

•    We’ll arm you with information and facts to help you choose the best backdrop for your home or business

Home/Business Search
•    We’ll do all the work for you and help you narrow your list of options
•    We’ll escort you to the properties that fit your discerning taste

Offers & Negotiation
•    Serve as your thinking partner
•    Simplify terms & conditions
•    Negotiate on your behalf

Prepare to Move
•    Help you identify repairs & improvements and identify respected people in the community to help get your property ready
•    Supervise projects

Prepare to Close
•    Anticipate last-minute hiccups and remedy beforehand

•    Work alongside you
•    Sit beside you at the table

After the Close
•    Assist with coordinating your move
•    Follow up on any post-close issues

•    Keep in touch. We want to hear how you are and be there for you or your friends should you ever need any other real estate assistance.

While many of these steps seem obvious, the manner and approach with which we deliver on each one is our differentiator: it’s what draws people to us time and time again.

Tell us about your plans.

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