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5 Things to Do Before Making an Offer

You did it! You have finally narrowed down your home search to just one property you can't wait to call your own. It has the perfect location, it's in your ideal price range, and it looks and feels just like home.

We know you can't wait to buy it and start moving in. But before you make an offer on the home, here are a few tips you can try to make absolutely sure that this house is the one. 

1. Research Everything about the Area

As a smart home buyer, you have already done your research on the Celebration area — what major roads are nearby, what school district you will be in, what local attractions are popular.

view of orlando florida homes and a lake from aboveYou may have even taken it a step further and compared different neighborhoods to see what amenities they offer. 

Here are three other resources to help you know just about everything about the community:

2. Visit the Community Several Times

When you saw the home during the showing, you were likely there for just an hour or two. By visiting the community and the home at different times, you will get a better idea of what it's truly like to live there. We recommend visiting on a weekday, a weeknight, and a weekend to get a feel for how active or quiet the area will be when you live there. 

3. Test Your Commute Several Times

Another great idea is testing your commute at different times, not just when you visit the home. See what the traffic is like during rush hour, on the weekends, or when school lets out in the middle of the week. 

4. Talk to the Home Seller

Who knows the area and the home better than the previous homeowner? If you can, learn about the seller's experience living in the area, and ask questions about:

  • any renovations they have done
  • any homeowner association dues
  • why they are selling
  • what they loved about the home

5. Schedule a Home Inspection

Even though everything looked great when you toured the home during your showing, it's important to schedule a home inspection to learn if there are any improvements and major repairs that need to be made before you move in, such as leaky plumbing or problems with the heating and cooling system. We can recommend trusted local inspectors who can put your mind at ease as you are learning about the property. 

Let Us Be Your Resource During the Home Buying Process

Your real estate agent is a valuable resource during the home buying process. We want you to be completely confident that you have found the right home in the Celebration area, so our team will provide you with as many resources as you need to help you make the best decision, plus real estate services to guide you completely through the process. 

If you are considering buying a home in the Celebration area, give our team a call at 407.566.8265 and let's talk about your plans. 

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