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Celebration Town Center

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What's There to Do in Celebration? Plenty!

Celebration Town Center is our downtown. It has the ordinary features of any other downtown in America, but it has that special spark of magic that makes it a unique place to visit. Like the street lamps. In the fall, colorful confetti "leaves" rain down from the lamp posts onto the street and bring a smile to anyone's face. In the winter, foam "snow" falls so even in Florida you can have a white Christmas.

People who live in Celebration know that all of the fun happens at Celebration Town Center. Want to shop at a boutique or eat at a fancy restaurant? It's all here.

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Here's a Checklist for Your First Visit

If you're moving to Celebration, welcome! We think you'll love it here. Taking a self-guided tour of the area is a great way to get familiar with Celebration and Celebration Town Center. Here are a few great places to start:

red, white & blue fireworks at night

You Don't Want to Miss These Events

Since Celebration Town Center is, well, the social center of town, there are plenty of events that take place throughout the year. These are the ones you don't want to miss.

  • Jaguar Car Show (March)
  • The Great Egg Hunt (April)
  • All-American Fourth of July (July)
  • Celebration's Oktoberfest (October)
  • Celebration Founders Day (November)
  • Now Snowing (December)

What Else Can You Do in Downtown Celebration?

Take a sunny stroll through Celebration Town Center and you'll notice everything that makes this town special. The small plaza at Water Street and Celebration Avenue has a lovely fountain with benches and shade trees. 

Market Street is paved with bricks and lined with palm trees and colorful buildings. It looks and feels like a Caribbean beach town. You will love to spend your time exploring all of the boutiques and restaurants under the colorful awnings, and getting to know the people who make this town feel like home.

Don't forget to explore the boardwalk and visit Lakeside Park nearby! 

Looking for a Home Close to Celebration Town Center?

Celebration Village and West Village are both located closest to the heart of Celebration. These neighborhoods have postcard-worthy houses and yards, and residents who live here can easily get to Celebration Town Center for a delicious meal at Cafe D'Antonio or ARI. 

Is there anything specific you're looking for in your new home? We can make it easier to find your dream home. Call us and let's talk about your plans.

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